It's confirmed! My remix of "The Moments I Couldnīt Save" of the swedish band DayBehavior will be released next year at "Superstar" single by A Different Drum.

In the end of this year I entered in a Remix Contest of Ada de Luque, which I'm waiting for the result.

I remixed the song "Blood Culture" Droom and I liked my first adventure in Futurepop. The song will be released in 2004, and probally I'll remix more of his songs.

Aside that I also remixed the bands Anything Box, Real Life & Eurovision. All with real chances to be released next year, let's see.

I'll already remix songs by Opium and TDOL in 2004, and probally will have more work next year!

I hope we all have an excellent 2004! Happy New Year! See you all next year! :)

I entered at DayBehavior Remix Contest and was the only selected outside Europe / USA and won a place in the CD that will be released by A Different Drum in November. More info at DayBehavior.

For practice I made two more remixes of "Why (Would I)" by Virtual Server. And in this time I also made a remix of the last Noel's song that is receiving very good feedback from synthpop & freestyle fans, and was playing at US Clubs.

I also remixed Iris & Assemblage 23, that received a lot of positive feedback by fans and musicians. With that I received few invitations to do some remix work, what made me very happy.

Probally I'll remix songs by the canadian band Droom in his next singles in 2004. I'm remixing now the american band Anything Box.

I added more information and the song that we recorded in the end of the Home Studio school some months ago. The Finis Africæ project was updated.

Meanwhile my solo project goes on and while I'm programming the new songs and new versions of old songs, I'm recoding the vocals of my best songs between 1991-1999 that will be a Demo CD soon.

I finished my curse at Homestudio that gave me more theory to help me in my music production.

My version of "Why (Would I)" by Virtual Server played in May of this year in one night by Darkfield Imagery that is a radio show at WRUW 91.1 FM Cleveland, that promote parties and events in US also. Aside was the only song by the band played, I had lucky to have my remix openning the night. Check the playlist here.

I'm right now working in some international projects, more information soon. My solo project still in process.

We changed the site's server, and because that many links doesn't work for a while.

Now we are in a faster place, more cheap, and with more space, aside also fix all the links problems, mp3s, etc... also added many other MP3s for Download.

Enjoy! : )

New year, all new and a lot of new work is comming.

The album "Installed" by Virtual Server still doing great on the press around the world and in almost of the the reviews are saying that my remix in one of the best of the double CD like you can read at Synthpop.Net. And my remix was also played in New York like you can see on this SetList.

The new instrumental version of "Sozinho" by Finis Africæ is finished, but we are having problems to record the new vocals with Eduardo, so maybe I'll sing in the place. So this project is on hold for now.

I'm still working hard in my solo project, and I'm very satisfied with the songs. Ans I'm studing to try something good on next year, and in this meantime I'm starting to studing at Homestudio, a nice place to know more about Studio Recording.

Probally I will do more remix jobs this year, so I'll post here soon as these remixes been confirmed.