My remix of "Too Much To Handle" to the band Opium was released in the 6 CDs compilation State Of Synthpop 2005.

Hajas is now at Hajas - MySpace too.

My remix album is doing great and is the best seller of the entire Synthphony REMIXed! collection at A Different Drum even with the smaller number of copies available from the collection.

Also is available a nice Review at SYNTHPOP.N3T about my remix album which received 4.5 of 5 stars!

I made with the authorization of Droom a home video-clip of the song "Blood Culture [Hajas Arena Mix]" using our "playing time" with Quake II Evolved at Blood Culture Clan. You should Download right now when is available.

I done another remix to my friends of !distain, and this time was to the song "Remote Control" that will be released soon in the remix album of the band.

Already finished the first track for my next remix album, and already started to work in the second one. While that my solo work still in progress in my very short free time.

Was released a cool Electronic Brazilian History at an online magazine in Argentina called Neoplan where I was present in two moments (Spanish Only).


The album Synthphony REMIXed! vol.2 was released at Jan 31 of 2005 by the New York based label Synthphony Records

Synthphony REMIXed! vol.2
Synthphony Records
A Different Drum
Metropolis Records
Music Non Stop (UK)
Hotstuff (Sweden)
INDIEtective (Germany)
My remix to the band Brand New Day was released in the double CD "Starting Over" at Mar 15. The CD is available for sale at his Official Site with sound samples of all tracks.

At the moment I'm working in two remixes and I was already selected to do another one to a famous german band.