The album "Installed" by Virtual Server was released at 14/09 in USA and still in the first place of the charts at A Different Drum. Many news at Virtual Server area.

The new version of "Sozinho" by Finis Africę is on hold because Eduardo now is father. Soon as possible we will finished.


MP3's problems was fixed, now all are working. Also were added new song on Download area.

The CD "Installed" of Virtual Server was delayed to the end of August. The CD will come with a extra remix CD with my remix of "Why (Would I)". You can buy this CD at A Different Drum.

The new version of "Sozinho" by Finis Africę is almost finished, I'm only waiting for the Eduardo's vocals. The lyric of the song was added to the site.


My english site is finaly online!

Take a look also at my Side Projects