Chinese Theatre Was released the first album of Chinese Theatre from Sweden which have many great collaborations. And as bonus track have my remix of "History Forecast" with !distain doing the lyrics/vocals.

Talking about !distain, my remix of "Remote Control" is available in full version at band's Myspace, and is receiving many good reviews from fans.

My remix of "The Earth" by Virtual Server / Iris was selected to be released into a compilation CD not revealed yet.

Clean no TOP 15 My remix of "Clean" by Anything Box is for a long time at TOP 15 in the most played songs in a FM radio in USA. More information of the charts today at this Link.

I entered in the Remix Contest by the famous german band Camouflage but unfortunately I don't got the $2.500 Euros for the first place but I was one of the selected to have a page on their site with my bio and my remix available to stream. And is possible the release of a single with some of these selected remixes in the future.

Hajas - MySpace Let me know what do you think about the new look of MySpace Music page.

I was invited to give lessons of Remixing at HomeStudio, a Studio/School here in Rio de Janeiro, where I'll also teach programming very soon.

I finished a DVD project about FPS Game that I was involved for more than a year and the result was really great. Was a great new experience. Unfortunately this DVD will not be released commercially.

And of course, I'm still working in my next remix album...


Synthphony REMIXed: !distain First sorry for the lack of update in the last months, but I've been very busy.

My Remix of "Remote Control" to my friends from !distain was released at 01.Mar.2006. It's a limited album to 1000 copies, which is receiving great reviews, where people are saying that my remix is one of the best.

I was invited too by !distain to do a remix to the swedish project Chinese Theatre, which have them as a guest in one of their tracks.

Hajas - MySpace The remix of "History Forecast" is already done and is available to listen online the full version at MySpace Music.

And sice we are talking about !distain, I already started my 4th work with the band, but that's all that I can tell you right now.

While that I'm still working in my next remix album, where I already got few more great bands confirmed.

In this meanwhile I entered in a remix contest to enter in the next album by Virtual Server, remixing the song "The Earth" where have the vocals by Reagan Jones from Iris. More information at DJ RAM's Page.